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Can online mediation help me?

Where face to face mediation is not currently available following the coronavirus crisis, we at Farnfields Mediation can offer a full mediation service online. The current lockdown situation does not mean that the process needs to be put on hold and the ability to ‘meet’ remotely has opened up new possibilities.


How does online mediation work?
The process of online mediation is still the same as meeting in person. Each person will still have an initial assessment meeting with the mediator (a MIAM) by video link and then if you are both willing to go ahead, a joint session will be arranged. Online mediation follows the same approach, structure and principles as face to face mediation to enable you to work together to resolve the issues that you wish to consider. If an agreement can be reached, then the mediator can draw up a document and email it to both parties. That can be used to draft a court order which will make the agreement legally binding.

There are some practical matters to consider if as a couple if you decide to opt for mediation online. You don’t need any special equipment, a computer, tablet or smartphone is more than sufficient, but you do need to make sure the correct software is downloaded and that the video and audio work ahead of the session. It is important that you have somewhere to sit privately during the session and if you have children living with you in one or both of the homes, you must ensure that they are occupied and out of earshot.

What are the benefits of online mediation?

As to the benefits of online mediation, you can decide where you want to be when the meetings take place, which hopefully will help you to feel more comfortable in your surroundings. You may then feel less apprehensive and be able to think more clearly. If a break is required the camera can be switched off and the microphone muted. There is no need to travel or wait as with face to face meetings which makes it easier to fit in with the rest of your day plus there is no need to worry about access if there are mobility issues. If either you or your ex-partner is located some distance away, online mediation overcomes this.

Consider our videos for more detail on how the mediation service may help you but for more information on how mediation works remotely by online video conferencing, or to arrange an appointment to discuss your options please call the Farnfields Mediation Service on 01747 834209 or complete the online referral form.


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