Mediation and
dispute resolution
across Dorset, Wiltshire and Somerset

Protecting your interests during challenging times

Mediation and
dispute resolution
across Dorset, Wiltshire and Somerset

Protecting your interests during challenging times

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Mediation service across the South West | Online appointments available

Mediation is quicker, less stressful and cheaper than the Court process and can save you substantial legal costs – perhaps spending hundreds of pounds as opposed to thousands of pounds. Family Courts now expect you to consider using family mediation to resolve matters concerning your children, property and finances if you are going through a separation or divorce. You don’t need a solicitor to start the process, so why not contact our mediation administrator and start the ball rolling?

(COVID-19) Please be reassured that we are offering a full mediation service, and continue to provide guidance and support to new and existing clients. We conduct MIAM appointments and mediation sessions via video conferencing and welcome any enquiries about arranging sessions with our experienced mediators. Please get in touch if you are undergoing any difficulties together with a secure way of contacting you.

How we work


Mediators do not take sides and do not represent either party. Mediators support both of you through the process of separation and discussions about children and finances.


The mediator will not make any judgments about any past events. We explore all the options so that clients can make well-informed choices about how to move forward.


Apart from legally required exceptions, everything discussed is confidential and cannot be used in court unless parties reach proposals for court approval.


In mediation, the parties are in control and are able to focus on resolving issues in a way that works for them instead of having a court decision imposed on them.


Helping you to achieve an amicable solution with a process that is balanced and clear, which acknowledges each other’s needs. Enabling you to move forward quickly and confidently without unwieldy, costly legal avenues, in a safe, supportive and encouraging environment.


As you move forward and make relationship adjustments during challenging times, we provide a safe, managed, supportive forum where your needs and those of your loved ones will be listened to impartially and positively enabling you to move on sensibly.


Grandparents currently have no automatic rights in circumstances where the parents of their grandchildren separate. We understand however that you may have concerns about future arrangements for your grandchildren to spend time with you. We provide a safe, well managed, comfortable and supportive space to be heard.


To make your time with your clients as productive as possible, we offer a local well organised professional service that enhances your client offering and builds on your local expertise. We work alongside you to help your clients resolve their disputes.

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